Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Happy Hump Day

We have been so busy lately! I really like being busy, but I can't seem to keep up with everything!

We are settling in our house and totally love it. We have been busy doing fix it projects and organizing etc. It has been cold and snowy here so not much outside time. Syd still goes to her old preschool, even though it takes an extra 15 minutes to get there now that we moved. I think with all the gas being used, this week might be her last week there. I am sad because we love it!

Two Saturdays ago me and 3 friends went to the Broadway Play Wedding Singer! It was soo incredibly good and fun! It was just like the movie (some parts word for word) but just different songs. I love doing things like that, I feel so "educated" or "learned" when I do things like "FINE ARTS." They wouldn't let us take pictures inside but I will post a picture of us walking in the snow afterwards.

We have a huge window (122 inches) in our front room. We finally found some blinds that fit! Aaron put those up and they look soooooo nice. It is also nice to have a little privacy! I will post pics later.

We are liking our new ward. We had our ward Christmas party the other night. We had a Turkey dinner and got to meet some nice people!

My kids favorite movie as of this week is Honey I Shrunk the Kids. Do you all remember that movie? It is SOO 80's or early 90's, but it is funny. My kids ask to watch it everyday. It's nice because I can get a lot done while they watch. I will be quiet now...I can't stop writing! Have a nice week everyone!


The Kay Family said...

I'm so glad that you are getting settled in!! I bet the Broadway show was tons of fun. . . I love things like that!

Shannon J said...

So I just got your Christmas card...I can't believe you made us wait to hear the great news!Congrats!

I love going to Broadway musicals! I am so jealous that you went. I've been looking for some good ones to come to Spokane because I want to go.

Carrie said...

Oh man... I haven't gotten your card, and now I'm wondering what the great news is!!! AGGHHH!!!! Is it what I think it is??? YEA!

Janet said...

hey shoonie... is it ok to use a quote from your blog in my lesson today? i'm teaching the beehives about cultural arts... it fits perfectly (your quote that is). also, we still didn't get your card!

Shannon B said...

Joonie-of course it is okay to use a quote...which one? I didn't know I had any good ones!

I CAN NOT believe you didn't get it yet! What the heck. Maybe Monday?