Sunday, December 30, 2007

Seattle Times...

Here are some awesome fun pictures from Christmas in Seattle! We had a blast! Here are a few things we did..ate, talked, ate, watched movies (Hairspray...REALLY CUTE), opened presents, ate, went to the Seattle Aquarium, went out to dinner (Azteca-YUMMY), made goodies, shopped (Value Village BABY!), got snowed on (yup, it snowed on Christmas Day!) went to the beach... Just to name a few. The kids got so incredibly spoiled by Grandma and Grandpa and also Uncle they love him!!!! I hope all your bruises from Wesley are gone now Danner. Wes sure likes to wrestle and throw punches. Another highlight...playing with thier cousin Lucy! What a sweetie pie! Syd and Wes both got a handmade quilt/comforter from Grandma Syndie said I love this blanket because it smells like grandma! So sweet!


Carrie said...

So, I'm just wondering what Grandma smells like? Must be okay, I guess! And I'm so jealous that you went to Value Village. Fun pictures! Happy New Year!

Dnnr said...

I am officially healed. Your kids are rad; it makes me want to have 8 of my own.

I just thought of a funny conversation Wes and I had:

"Wes, we're friends right?"
"We're not FRIENDS!"
"Oh really? What are we then?"
" . . . we're boys!"