Monday, December 17, 2007

Windows and Christmas Parties!

So here is the picture of our window (inside and out) that we just got blinds for. It is such a huge window and so it is now nice to have some privacy, I also think they looks SOO nice!

Friday we went to Aaron's Christmas party at the Davenport Hotel (a really nice hotel here in Spokane). We ate YUMMY food (prime rib, chicken), talked, and danced. In this picture, these are our friends that are in our new ward and Aaron works with Bill. We hung out with them all night. It was way fun! We left before everyone got too drunk :0) Also our friends watched our kids overnight that night so we came home to an empty quiet house. It was sooo nice, but weird. We watched Man vs Wild (romantic eh?) and then went to sleep! In the morning we slept in, and then went shopping w/o the kids. MAN, I forgot what it was like to NOT have kids. It was fun for a night, but guess we will keep them! Thanks Sharps for keeping our rowdy kids overnight! They had a blast!


Megan said...

Cute new background!! Cute pictures! I love big windows - yours looks so pretty with the curtains!

Carrie said...

Fun and yeah for new stuff for the new house. Cuteness!

The Kay Family said...

I love the window and how you did the 2 seperate rods/curtains. So nice!! And I'm glad that you had a good time at the Christmas party. We just had one for Daniel's office, and it was awkward for me, because I didn't know a soul!! Hooray for a night away from the kids too!!