Saturday, November 22, 2008

Adventures and Twilight...

I saw the movie (not the midnight showing but the next night)! I really ended up liking it. I was a little skeptical of the actors at first because that is usually my biggest let down when they don't look or act how they did in my head. I was VERY pleasantly surprised. GO GO Edward!! The movie blacked out for 10-15 minutes right near the beginning, but then was fixed, so we didn't miss anything at all, and everyone in the theatre received free movie tickets after the show for the "goof up!" SWEEEEET! I can go see it again! :0)

My friend and I went together. We both have 3 kids and so we left them with our hubbies (at our friends house) so the kids could play together and the hubbies could have some "bonding" time. Well this is what happened when six kids got together and the dad's were watching a movie of their own:

-1 basement flooded (one of the kids, who we still aren't sure of, plugged the sink in the bathroom and turned the water on...for a long time).
-2 babies under 4 months old crying/screaming like crazy (we really tried to plan it so the nursing babies would be totally fed and totally asleep...I guess they have a schedule of their own)
-4 other kids in big fat trouble
-2 angry dads
-2 really happy moms sitting nicely in the movie theater not knowing that any of this was going on

The movie sure was fun though. Also thanks honey for putting up with naughty kids a screaming baby and for not complaining. I hope you will still watch the kids again.............sometime.

PS the basement damage isn't as bad as it could have been, hopefully everything just dries out!


bowman family said...

I can't wait to go see it!! How is the house selling? Any bites?

Megan said...

Oh - that's horrible!! I'm glad you got a night out though-- I love Girls Nights Out! I was totally looking forward to last night too - it was an insanely crazy week. I loved the movie. I had heard mixed reviews from crazy friends who went at midnight...but I would see it again!

Stefani said...

This is a crack-up. Sorry to say, but it is.

They MADE us turn off our phone in the theater. The guy came in and told us that if he saw any "lights" from electronic devices that they would assume we were "filming" the movie which was a federal offense. He said it was better that we just turn them off in the first place. Luckily nothing happened at home (except sleeping - lol) that anyone needed to call me for.

Go Edward!!

PS. Afton is now reading the book so she can go see the movie. I told her it is way better if you read the book first.

Danielle said...

Well I'm glad you had a nice night out! I haven't "joined" the Twilight bandwagon in reading the books, but I've heard they are good. I am bearly keeping my head above water as it is!

Luke and Mel said...

So sad to hear you are moving, because we see you so much anyway:)But still, that is awesome for Aaron and sad for you. Good luck!