Tuesday, November 4, 2008


We had a happy halloween with trunk-or-treating and then a party at my house afterwards!


turi said...

Ciao mi chiamo Turi e sono siciliano, ho visto che hai un bel blog, ricco di contenuti, mi farebbe piacere se ci scambiassimo i link.
il mio è questo:
Ciao fammi sapere.

Riko said...

nice blog

could you visit mine



RIko from BRazil

Shannon J said...

Sidney looks soo pretty!!

Laurie said...

Lol, it seems like you have a few other visitors...Anywho, CUTE PICS!!!! Wes is hilarious, Syd is beautiful, and Landon is adorable!! Oh, and your costume is hilarious too, hahaha

Theriault Family said...

shoonie... landon is the cutest bee ever!
your other kids are you cute too! and you are an adorable nerd! where's aaron's costume?

Stefani said...

lol, so cute!! The "flower" that's holding the baby looks like she's saying "Deliver Me" (think how mom would say this) I love the photos!

The Yancey Family said...

Fun! I love your nerd costumes!