Sunday, August 5, 2007

Fun Happenings...

Friday Aaron's work took all the employees to Silverwood (if you don't know, it is just a big theme park with lots of rides and waterslides). We got in early before it opened to the public and went all some roller-coasters! Way lines! We felt pretty special. After the park opened the kids go their fill on little kiddie rides and then we had a catered lunch from Longhorn BBQ. It was yummy. The we watched a magic show (I have never seen my kids so enthralled by anything in my life!). It was short but pretty good. The we went to the waterslides where we played in the freezing water for a while. It was warm out but the water was so cold it was hard to the kids to enjoy (plus there was a wind blowing...BRRRRRR). Aaron informed me that he felt incredibly sick and that we needed to leave ASAP. I thought he was over I just kind of ignored it and then a little later he said WE HAVE TO LEAVE NOW!!!! So we left at 4:00 and got home at 5:00. At 5:30 he threw up all over our bed (and it was all his lunch!!) YIKES! (Sorry for the graphic details!). Aaron never gets sick so it is really odd that he all of a sudden got this! We figured out that it was probably food poisoning mixed with dehydration. He ate about 20 lbs of cole was probably that! Anyhoo...our day wasn't completely ruined because we had already been there for a long time and the kids were tired, but I wasn't quite ready to leave! It was actutally a REALLY fun!

Saturday we headed to Troy ID (2 hours from Spokane) for the Seegmiller reunion! It was really fun to see everyone and we ate and ate and ate. We all sat around and listen to Scott play guitar and banjo and we even had a special visitor....a MOOSE! He walked right up to a tree a few hundred yards away and started eating it right up! COOL! The kids of course had soo much fun with G-ma and G-pa Banks! We got home last night around midnight and then went to church this morning and right when we pulled into the parking lot Sydnie thew up on the ground! We took her home and she slept and is now better I guess! She has been running around all afternoon. Anyhoo, that was our busy weekend..we had tons of fun!!!!!

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