Friday, August 31, 2007

Goodbye Summer...Hello Fall!

I am really bummed that summer is over! We had so much going on the last few months such as vacations, camping, visitors, swimming, reunions, parks, movies, sun tans, laughs, etc! It's hard to see the days getting shorter but I can also "smell" fall in the air. The days and nights are cooler and more crisp, it rained all night last night and it was so cool to hear the rain while laying in bed! I also love the colors and food of fall such as anything pumpkin, soup, and just comfort/cozy food! There will be an apple harvest in Green Bluff soon and that is so exciting (for me and the kids). Sydnie is already talking about Halloween and what she wants to be! School and football are both in swing and that only mens one thing!!! FALL IS HERE...WELCOME!


Carrie said...

Shan, I here ya. I actually got cold a couple of nights ago from the open window... first time since spring. It was nice.

I'm not enjoying the earlier sunsets, though. I do love long days!

Tyler Miller said...

With football comes more fun than all the camping and trips put together. Not a bad showing for the Cougs (BYU) today, and WSU wasn't bad either. I love Fall food too. BBQ's, Brats, Donuts, and of course Halloween is the best holiday of the year.