Sunday, August 5, 2007

Sunday Confessions!

1. I really dreaded gong to church today because we got home so late last night! We went and right when we got there Syd threw up in the parking lot (she is better now).

2. I did some laundry today (I try not to on Sundays) but the towels were gettin stinky! (They are still waiting to be folded).

3. Wesley would not eat anything (well a few bites of fajita) and then he cried for cookies and I gave him some...didn't want to fight. I'm a sucker!!!!

4. My kitchen is a huge mess right now and I am not gonna do anything about it tonight!

5. My kids stayed up about an hour after their bed time.

6. I gave Wesley a lot more attention than Sydnie today, which is seeming to happen a lot lately (not on purpose, just that Wes is younger and needs more help) and I know that really affects Syd negatively.

That is about it for now...nice that I can vent that...I already feel better! :0) Thanks for listening!


Carrie said...

Personally, I'm amazed that you went to church... multiple upchucks (even if one was the day before)= no church for me!

Shannon B said...

carrie: I know, we wouldn't have normally gone but we both had to teach the 2nd hour so we HAD to go! but then Aaron ended up home anyway!!