Thursday, October 18, 2007

The Kiddos

So Syd and Wes are little buds (most of the time). The love to lay in the same bed (right before I tuck them in). They were being so cute one night I had to take a picture. A few nights later I went in to check on them and they had both fallen asleep in Syd's bed. SOOOOOO CUTE! Also Syd got her ears pierced and she absolutely loves her earrings (you like the pizza all over her face?)


Megan said...

Syd looks so much like Bonnie in the first picture! Wow! What a cutie. Both of them!

Carrie said...

I hope my kids love each other like yours do. That is so sweet.

Megan said...

That's awesome!! Mckenna and David are super sweet together (he is only 8 months though...) but the girls fight like crazy! It'll be interesting to see how their relationships play out as they get older. Loved Syd's ear piercing pic. She looks so sweet.