Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Big BOY Wes and other stuff

So Wes just potty in his big boy potty! It is a MIRACLE! I just set him there (because I knew he has been "tooting") so I think I caught him at just the right time. So he went, but before he was done, he stood up and made a huge poo mess everywhere! At least he made some in the toilet I guess. I seriously can't believe it because he is against wearing big boy underwear and sitting on the toilet all together, so this is PROGRESS! YEAH! We are headed to the store to buy him so "incentives" to continue this! ;0) (only a mom, would write about this and poo and everything).

Also I just finished Twilight! I too was captivated! It really felt like I had feelings for Edward! I know how pathetic! I REALLY liked it. Thanks for the recommendation everyone. I can't wait to read the others!! Carrie how is These is my Words? SAD?

Aaron got a raise at work yesterday, and we were pleasantly surprised! HAPPY DAY! That is about all from this home-front!


Megan said...

Yeah!! Porter was 3.5 before he decided it was time - and Katie is showing no interest. I hope it's soon.

Yeah for a raise and yeah for Twilight. I ordered the 2nd one, can't wait for it to come.

Carrie said...

I just got New Moon at the library and am going to start it after I get everything ready for mutual tonight. I just finished These is My Words. Review on my blog forth coming.

Yeah for the raise, good luck with the potty and yes only a mom would openly discuss pooh, but whatever. Its exciting!

Megan said...

I'm just about finished with New Moon...just so you know - it takes quite a while before it finally picks up and goes somewhere. But the 2nd half is great.

I'm so excited for the potty training!! Won't it be great to have no one in diapers??