Monday, September 10, 2007

daddy day

I have been avoiding the myspace and facebook craze much to the dissatisfaction of shannon, but to be a good hubby i am putting up my own contribution to the banks family blog. Shannon had a garage sale last weekend so I watched the kids all day saturday. It was fun because it seems like I get to busy for them sometimes with work, two callings, exercise, and studying for the cpa exam. I decided it would be fun to build a fort together, and I knew if we did they would play in it for hours. I wanted to make a big one so it took almost an hour to build and a lot of ingenuity. I ended up pulling the torn down crib out from under the bed and lashing it together to make the main horizontal support. The first part was the tunnel in between the kitchen chairs and the couch then it wrapped around the couch and the wall; at that point the kids had another tunnel that was between the front of the couch and some more chairs. This part was cool because the kids could actually lay on the couch and you can see the crib supporting all the blankets on top.

The whole project took 3 sleeping bags, a crib, and all the blankets and chairs we own. We had a great time and it was one of my more memorable days with the kids. We ran errands, watched movies, and built a fort. Throughout the whole thing Sydnie kept saying "I know we can do it, this is going to be great" and Wesley said "this fort is awesome dad".

FYI, Shannon just informed me that Sydnie and Wesley went to the doctor today; which, means they were both weighed. They are almost 2 years apart by a couple weeks. And the weigh in is:

Sydnie 34.5 pds

Wesley 34 pds

I occasionally look at all your blogs and love them so keep it up.



Megan said...

Great post Aaron! :) I never got into myspace and facebook either - we are too old. :) Anyway, loved the fort. My kids would love it too. They made a "boat" out of pillows in our front room tonight. Porter wantd to sleep there when he went to bed.

LOL abt their weight. I love it. My kids would be the same if their birth order was reversed. Katie is just barely hitting 25 and Porter is somewhere around 40.

We miss you guys. That's why I love blogs so much! We can keep up on everyone and their cute kids!

Carrie said...

The kids weights... hilarious!!! And Aaron, loved the post, but more importantly I loved the fort! Awesome! Syd and Wes are so lucky to have such a fun dad!