Thursday, September 6, 2007


If you don't know what geocahing is, you are missing out! It is where coordinates of a hidden treasure are downloaded from the computer into a GPS unit and then we go out and find the hidden treasure! The GPS tells us how far we are from it (2 miles, 200 feet etc) and literally points (with an arrow) the direction to go. So once we get with a few feet, we search around and find it. What the "treasure" consists of is a waterproof box filled with all kinds of things such as a toys, trinkets, cards, a log in sheet and anything else people wish to leave. We can take some of the treasure as long as we leave some as well. Some of the spots are "micro caches" which means it's REALLY small. These are harder to find but we have found 2 so far! This activity is so exciting for kids and adults and it is also good exercise for us! Some of the "hikes" are strenuous and some are very easy. This summer we have found close to 10-20 of them and within a radius of 80 miles from Spokane there are over 2000 caches! That will keep us busy! Here are some pictures of us hiking to find some treasure. Wesley is holding a squeeze car that we found! FUN. Come visit us and we will take you!


Megan said...

Wow that sounds like fun! We have a GPS for my car, I wonder if I can find out a way to put coordinates in it instead of an address. I'll have to try it, thanks for the idea!

Megan said...

I've seen you mention it before and wondered what it was! How fun and a great way to be outdoors.

Carrie said...

That sounds so cool!!! Do you guys have a gps? I'd be tempted to buy one, just to try it out!